A talk with Sweden’s brightest star – Brollan

Things are looking bright for Red Reserve’s talent Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin. Only 16 years old and already one of the most promising upcoming stars in all of CS:GO.

Hi Brollan, what’s up? How are things in Red Reserve?

Hi! I’m good, and so is Red Reserve! I mean we’ve been climbing from ranking spot 40 to 17 – so we’ve definitely had a good flow lately!

You’re one of the newest players in Red Reserve, do you think that your success is a result of you joining? 

Well, Red Reserve used to have quite a bad team chemistry, and that is something you really need to succeed as a team. I believe that the past team constellation had a hard time facing critique from each other in a good way. I don’t, I believe in listening to your teammates opinions in order to develop as a player. We always keep a good language and respect each other, maybe that’s where the old lineup burst.

What do you think that players that want to become professionals most often are not prepared for? 

The traveling. Definitely. Sometimes it’s fun to travel, but as often it is super boring to be honest. It depends on your motivation. Last time I was home it was for about a week, between a tournament in Ukraine and Dreamhack Summer in Jönköping. That is not many nights of sleep in your own bed.

Sounds like your private life is not that easy to plan?

That’s right. During the Swedish midsummer celebration I was supposed to go to France with my family and our friends, but I couldn’t because of work. I mean I can’t just take a few days off when it fits me. In the end of June I’ll go to Spain for vacation with my family, but I’ll arrive 4 days after the others since I once again couldn’t take those days off. I’m lucky that my parents always have been supporting my career. Especially since GAMERZ where they first saw that I am really talented and committed to what I do.

Do you ever get tired of the game? 

No! I just can’t get tired of it, and I don’t know why! I feel like it’s my game, and I love it. Nowadays it’s my job too, so I truly get to work with what I love the most.

5 quick questions:  

If you had to change your career and choose another game, what would it be? League of Legends.

Would you rather always play with one eye closed, or always play with just a pistol? Always play with pistol.

If you had to choose one map to play for the rest of your life, which one would you play? Overpass!

What’s your dream destination for a tournament? The US. New York or Los Angeles.

Which one is your favorite weapon? AK47! For sure.

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