Get to know Szanto – the caster behind the monitors

Therese “Szanto” Szanto, 25 years of age, is the caster of GAMERZ. Her counter strike career contains a lot of online tournaments such as Nordic Masters, Copenhagen games Dreamhack Tours, Dreamhack Summer, Birdie, Dreamhack Winter BYOC, and Gamegune. She has been hosting a lot of CS workshops and coached at Area08.

To the viewers it might just look like the participants shows up from nowhere to enter the GAMERZ house – but they are thoroughly chosen. Therese Szanto, the caster behind the monitors knows how to pick the right players out of thousands of applicants!

Several months before the cameras are rolling, the application process starts. Therese gets thousands of mails from gamers with one common goal: to become professional csgo players.

– I take a look at all the applications we get. It’s my job to make sure that no aspiring talents are missed out on. First of all I have to see through if the application is serious, we do get surprisingly many fake ones, but that is quite easy. After that there are three links that immediately tells me whether the person is of any interest to she show or not. The first one is to their steam profile, which shows their amount of played hours. A thousand hours might sound much to anyone who doesn’t know the game like I do, but it’s really nothing. The second and third link tells me their Faceit and ESEA rank, and if it’s good, combined with many hours of playtime I’ll download their latest demos from their latest matches. Says Therese

While watching the demo she focuses on the players movement, crosshairplacement and game sense. Many get it wrong and focuses too much on their own amount of kills, but what Therese think matters the most is the players game sense. That must always be the ground to development. While GAMERZ was airing, she got over a hundred applications a day, but only a few of them were good enough to catch her interest.

– I am lucky that I get to work with what I love the most. It’s so many peoples dream. I love to analyze the game and it’s players. And I’m good at it. It’s not like I’ve just played a bit of counter strike and like the casting part, I have experience of LAN gaming, coaching, team play… everything! There’s not really a part of my job that I dislike. I mean… many people would probably find it hard to sit by the monitor all day, but that’s what I would have done either way! Therese says with a laugh.

During the show she gets to know the participants very well, and even though it’s a relief getting home to your own bed after a month of filming away from home, it’s always a bit sad.

– I follow all the players careers afterwards. It’s like seeing your kids grow up and move to college.

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