The trial month has come to an end – who gets to stay in Fnatic Academy?

Left to right: AlekS, ec1s, MaTaFe, Meddo, CaNNiE

The prize of GAMERZ, a trial month as a Fnatic academy team, has come to an end. The players have been training harder than ever, giving everything they have to convince Fnatic that they deserve a place in the Academy.

Andreas Samuelsson, the Fnatic team director of CSGO, started playing Counter Strike in the early 2000ths. Already then, he was more interested in the tactics of the game, than in going all in playing himself. Today he’s the one taking care of everything that concerns the Fnatic main and academy CSGO teams outside of the game. Before the position as team director, he was team coach of the academy, which makes him a great asset regarding in game questions too.

– This month has been intense for the guys. We thought they might need a few good nights sleep after such long time in the GAMERZ house, so they had one week of rest between the GAMERZ finale and their first day with Fnatic. They were all very well aware of the fact that this month was a trial period. Gamerz is though, but Fnatic is tougher. We provide them with everything they need to become professional players – but in the end it’s really just up to the players themselves if they’re gonna make it or not, Andreas says.

The players have just finished their boot camp week with Fnatic at Gameffect in Jönköping, Sweden. By the beginning of the trial month, the team started playing three tournaments. Fnatic decided to schedule a boot camp during the last week, which was also the week that the tournament finals were held.

– Joining Fnatic is no charity, it’s a real investment. We ask the players how much they want this, because we are not going to take it slow. All members of a team must have the same goal for it all to work out. When in Fnatic, the players suddenly have much more structure than they are used to. The play is not longer just for fun, it’s serious. In the beginning it can be hard and feel stressful, I mean these guys are still in school eight hours a day, but they all have great potential and they really want this! They didn’t win the tournaments, but they got further than I thought they would. They made it to the playoffs, and when loosing it was against skilled teams in the highest leagues.

The game has grown too big for professionals to grow out of just hobby playing. Fnatic gives their players the very best opportunities to develop, both individually and as a team. During the boot camp, the players worked 12-hour long days. The days were a mixture of watching demos of themselves and opponents, talking tactics, and of course hours and hours of in game practice and matches. The aim was to see how the guys reacted to stress and pressure, both in and outside of the game.

– This month has been very developing for all the guys, and the attitude has been very good! Since GAMERZ is a TV show, the players have not been picked because of different roles to fit each other in a team – they have just been put together. With the fact of that in mind, it has all worked out so much better than expected! Usually you meet your team online, and the first time IRL is often when you’re meeting up at a tournament to play together. The GAMERZ guys have already spent so much time together outside of the game, and it obviously leads to good results to be good buddies IRL. Outside of the game they are ten out of ten together, but there are some in game problems that we need to consider. Therefore, we have decided to keep four of the players, Matafe, AlekS, Ec1s and Meddo. It’s not a change that we wanted to do, but that is part of our job to achieve our common goal, to become professional players.

Before the team starts playing in the ESEA league and more tournaments, they need to find a fifth member that fits the team.

– This is a new chapter for the fnatic academy program. I see so much potential in all of them, and we are really looking forward continuing working with them, Andreas says.

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